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Forum Rules
Jeff's Fort Board Members' Rules and Posting Guidelines

The purpose of the following rules and guidelines is ensure that all members have a safe and enjoyable time while visiting our board. It is not our intention to regulate or restrict members' postings unless it is absolutely necessary.

Members' Rules:

1.Do not request the personal details of any other Board Member. Anyone found to be doing so faces Moderated status and possible banning from the Board.
1.1. All members have the right to send their contact information to any another members. We are not trying to prevent any off board communication. This rule is meant to prevent members from receiving unwanted requests for personal information.

2.Do not spam post on the Board. Any Member found spam posting will be instantly IP banned from the Board. Any outside links MUST be within the topic they are posted in, and must have to do with the aim of the Board.

3.Do not use the forum to abuse any Member of, any topic within, or any problem with, the Board. If you have any issues with the Board, refer the issue to the attention of an Administrator or Moderator for resolution.

4.If a Member is using a more anonymous-style screen name, please do not use their real name on the Board should you discover or be told by that Member. This is to continue the security policy of the Board.

Posting Guidelines:

1.All high-level 'cuss' words should be censored. Please remember the Board is frequented by minors, and many of the latest 'Net Nanny-style' programs restrict access to pages containing high-level profanity. Censorship is at minimum two asterisks (*) within any cuss words. It is preferred, however, that you abstain from resorting to profanities within topics.

2.Please make sure that any comments made or posts posted are tasteful and not crude, rude, overly opinionated, or overall counter-productive to the continuation of the Board. Any Member found to be performing a breach of this rule faces consequences to be determined by a joint discussion by Admins and Moderators.

3.Please refrain from excessive harassment of Authors about the release times of future chapters. If a delay comes up during the writing process, the Author will do their best to inform you all. Authors will answer the same question only ONCE, therefore, please check the forum BEFORE posting any question regarding chapter release times.

4.In a response topic to a chapter post, do not reveal anything that occurs in the appropriate chapter. Mentions of cliffhangers are acceptable, but please don't harass the Author about an abundance of cliffhangers in a series, and do not give away plot-lines.
1.Please use the Board's included Spoiler Feature if you want to discuss plot lines or cliffhangers; if you are unsure how to use this feature please ask a Moderator or Admin.

5.Please remember that this Board is populated by real people, and that these people are just like yourself, so please treat all other Members with the courtesy and respect that you would have them treat you with.

Responses to Violations of Rules And Guidelines:

Violations of the above rules and guidelines will result in actions appropriate to the rules or guidelines that were transgressed.

Actions taken as a result of violations of the above rules and guidelines can range from a simple edit of a post with an explanatory Personal Message being sent. The offending post being rendered invisible or deleted; any such posts will be accompanied by a warning PM and any future violations will result in moderation status, suspension of board privileges or outright banning of member.

A status of 'Moderated' is a period during which any post made by the Member is to be approved by an Admin or Moderator before it becomes visible. This period will last for no less than three (3) months, and no more than six (6) months for a first breach. Any Member found breaching rules during a Moderation period faces permanent Moderated status, or banning from the Board, at the discretion of the Board Admin Team.

All decisions about Board forum, post, and message content, in addition to operational considerations, made by the Admin Team by vote of a majority of the Members is absolute and final. For most infractions you will be allowed to have a dialog with the Admin Team. For issues resulting in your being banned you will be allowed one chance to explain your side of any dispute before final vote is taken. Interim measures may be taken until such time as a full review can be performed.
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